The B-Custom B-Buff is a Super high headroom buffer that offers from unity gain to 20db boost. The circuit is much like the Barber Launch Pad, including the high headroom 25 volt conversion. The B-Buff can be installed in most true bypass pedal and easily installs in Barber pedals. Once installed the B-Buff gives you the highest quality buffered bypass available, with perfect transparancy. You can also set the B-Buff via an internal trim pot to boost your guitar's signal to "cook" your amp's input.

By installing the B-Buff , you save space on your pedal board (goes right inside an existing pedal!), without a need for another enclosure the B-Buff is also very reasonably priced.


Introductory price $45 for the B-Buff or $65 installed by Barber (includes B-Buff).


The B-Buff runs off 9vdc, then converts to 25vdc. The B-Buff installs in the battery compartment.

Draws 40ma