The Barb EQ : $124.95, this adds cool Blackface sounding controls to the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and to amps using this single or no tone knob designs. The Barb EQ has three controls, volume, treble and bass. Your Tweed Deluxe will sound much larger and very much like the sweetest Blackface Deluxe you ever heard, with greatly enhanced volume control and input headroom. Just add this in front of your small to medium amp, and enjoy the ability to footswitch bubbly BF style tone into any amp...The Barb E.Q. also can attenuate better and with much improved frequency response than any guitar's volume knob, as well as being able to boost your signal if needed. The true bypass has an effect insert to allow simplied switching of other pedals. The Barber E.Q. uses a voltage booster to run internally at 25 volts and uses 9 volts to keep life simple.