Barber Electronics DIY page.

This page will have updates from time to time for guitar players who like building their own audio gear. The first Barber Electronics DIY is our Silver LTD. We are providing a schematic for the DIY community only, this page can be linked to from DIY sites, but please do not simply link to the schematic, lift the schematic from the Barber site, or redraw the schematic in any way. If we can respect the link to Barber DIY page only format, then we can keep the DIY page open...thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the schematic...Happy Holidays!




Barber DIY projects are not supported by Barber Electronics, they are a free service to the DIY and or repair community, we do not take phone calls or emails about using these schematics as a diy project...although we do accept paypal tips for our effort!


The Barber LTD and its various versions are products of Barber Electronics, please do not use this schematic to produce marketable goods, this is for learning purposes...let's keep it fun!


Feel free to visit the rest of our site and learn about Barber pedals, we have hand built pedals starting from $129.95. Barber Electronics has other hand build products starting at $45.95.