These files were recorded into Logic 8 using an Apogee Duet and an SM57. The guitar used is a PRS SE EG (stock), except for one file that was recorded on a Anderson Hollow T with Tom Anderson's excellent M pickups. The amp is a Barber Echelon into a single Eminence Ragin Cajun 10", the room is a garage with crickets asked to be very quiet. Some of the sound files show the clean amp sound before the pedal is engaged. The amp is set at a low volume (a little louder than an average conversation), the sound is clean and Fender blackface like.


Anderson Hollow T, switching between pickups, Dirty B set for medium dynamic distortion (left toggle). sample 1

PRS switching pickups and trying to show off the softer side of the Barber Dirty Bomb (left toggle) sample 2

PRS set to the stock humbucker for a 3/4 drive heavy drop D sound (right toggle). sample 3

PRS lead sound, to show the thick lead sound (center toggle) from the Barber Dirty Bomb, drive 3 o clock. sample 4

PRS set to show a classic rock style from the Barber Dirty Bomb drive is 10 o clock (toggle center) sample 5