For customers using paypal, this is our paypal information. is our paypal address for a standard "send money" transaction.

If you email we can send you a paypal invoice and simplify payment. If you would rather make a "send -money" transaction through Paypal, here are the steps.

Steps to make "send money" payment via paypal:

1. Log in or sign up to

2. Click the "Send money" button.

3. When the next page opens type in our paypal address, which is Then you type in the amount, and in the box that says "add a note"   you type the name of the pedal you are buying, or service you are paying for.

4. The next Page will allow you to review your purchase and finalize your purchase by sending money.

5. When filling in the amount, please include an additional $8 for USPS priority shipping in the US. This is usually a 2-3 business day shipping service with insurance. For orders outside of the USA, please contact for shipping methods and shipping amount. Shipping to Canada is $27, shipping outside of US and Canda is $36

During holiday periods, shipping companies sometimes have less than stellar quality service, this is out of our control.We build the audio products, the shipping companies deliver the packages, .Yes, we wish they delivered perfectly too. We can't fix UPS, USPS, or Bob Barker's kitty cats. We are happy to help if a shipping company loses your order, or kills the package.

Shipping note: There can be delays for special parts, paint.

Our paypal email name is


Please make sure you have a verified/confirmed shipping address with Paypal, we refund/cancel non-verified orders as per Paypal rules. Please do not send "paypal gift" option.

Make sure your paypal address has your actual name associated with it and has a confirmed address. We do not ship to addresses other than the confirmed paypal address.



Sometimes paypal changes their procedure, if you see pages that differ from our directions do your best to understand the fun changes our "friends" at paypal employ. Contact us if help is needed.


Click here if you need to send a pedal to Barber Electronics.


call or email for any other details 717-630-9797