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Pickup Permutations

Postby pvictory » Wed Oct 21, 2009 10:28 am

So, I recently decided to replace the stock single coils on my American strat and have received some good advice on what to look at (Kinmans, Dimarzio Virtual Vintage, Fender Noiseless, Bill Lawrence, Lace Sensors, Seymour Duncan Everything Axe set, among others). I guess I was hoping some folks might chime in on experiences and/or opinions they've had about any of these (also interested in the Suhr noiseless system). I'm doing my homework, reading reviews etc, but it just seems like there are a lot of vague, subjective terms thrown around about this stuff and this being a true "players forum" I thought it'd be possible to get some folks to post sound clips of their own and/or listen to some of my clips and throw some thoughts my way as to what I might go with. (If you are kind enough to check my site, be sure to listen to something other than simply "Pride's All-You-Can-Eat" because while that's a part of my sound, undeniably, and one of the reasons I like single coils for clean sounds, it certainly doesn't rep what I do most often.) Anyway, the idea for this thread formed under my badly titled post from a few days back (Direct Drive Noise Questions) and I wanted to move it here where it wouldn't be sorely off the subject of Barber Pedals. Love to hear any and all thoughts on pickups, not limited of course to what I've posted in this question, even general singlecoil-sized humbucker vs. regular single coils or noiseless vs. true single coils or... well, obviously anything goes... it's a forum.
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Re: Pickup Permutations

Postby e9norman310 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:13 am

Hey Victory,

I'll have some sound clips linked in my sig soon, but wanted to weigh in on the Suhr noiseless system you mentioned (even if you've already pulled the trigger on some pups). I installed the backplate system, the BPSSC, in my strat. I needed it to quiet down the lindy fralin real 54's i put in there. If used in conjunction with star-grounding and a good shielding job, it does a good job of cancelling out the hum. It isn't perfect, but it doesn't affect the tone at all, and I can recommend it. So if you don't mind spending the extra dough (it is kind of expensive), you don't have to sacrifice tone for quieter pickups.

And as far as the Real 54's go: I enjoy them, if you want to hear them in action ill have a link to my band's demo up within a week or so.
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