EQ PA for Guitar Tones?

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EQ PA for Guitar Tones?

Postby sternobob » Mon Aug 30, 2010 10:13 am

Hi folks,

We had a guitar player sit in yesterday using my gear (10-watt amp, close miked with volume at 9:00. I hit the front end hard with various Barber gizmos) . I had the opportunity to hear my tone from the audience. My tone onstage was really great, but through the PA it sounded muffled and midrangy, with no bite. Even the sit-in guy said, "Wow, your stuff sounds great onstage!"

We do sound from the stage without a sound guy and do only the most rudimentary soundchecks. We've been setting the EQ flat on the PA thinking that we would just reproduce my stage tone. I know that I'm going to have to do more listening at soundchecks, but can anyone give me guidance on where to start tweaking the EQ on the PA? Thanks!
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Re: EQ PA for Guitar Tones?

Postby DreamTheaterRules » Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:27 pm

well, it WOULD reproduce the stage sound if not for the mic, the PA speakers, the room, etc.... none of which is flat.

First suggestion is to listen to the other instruments and see if they all share similar characteristics to your guitar (lifeless, midrangey, etc). If they do, Id try an overall "output EQ" and adjust everything there as a starting point. If it's just your guitar that sounds much worse in the house, then go directly to the EQ for that channel and start with it's EQ. Without knowing what mic you are using, or even what board, I don't even know what your individual channel EQ capabilities are. If you have at least one parametric mid plus bass and treble, you are probably ok. If you have two parametric mids you are in pretty good shape.

Really more info needed though, in order to be more specific on a cure.
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