need advice on this anyone?

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need advice on this anyone?

Postby jacobaf105 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:17 pm

I am wondering if I use a OD pedal to get my overdrive tones, does it help if I use a large tube amp or a small tube amp?I am using a rack system with seperate preamp,effects,and power amp. Right now I am using a solid state power amp sounds good but I want to go with a tube amp, I think they have a more organic natural warm tone over solid state amps. The 2 amps I am looking at are the peavey 50/50 or the peavey 120/120 both have 12ax7 tubes and el84's I need good headroom and only need to rely on the pedal for my dirty tones. So does it matter as far as my "tone" would be by using a larger or smaller power amp if I still relied on the pedal for my dirt? which will either be a barber ltd or the 1/2 gainer.

I think doing this would give me either a 2ch or 3 channel amp, my preamp only does cleans, any inputs?
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