Here is the list of equipment used for the test.

Amplifier: Clark Beaufort with Barb E.Q. (cable drive and BF style EQ)

Speaker: Eminence Texas Heat.

OD pedal: Barber Silver LTD.

Cable: George L and Carver Zeropoint.

Mic: Shure SM57.

Mic Pre: Langevin DVC.

Sound Card: Aardvark LX6.

Software: Cubase SX3 and UAD precision limiter.

Monitors: Tannoy Reveal passive.

Picks: Clayton 1.07, 1.20 and Dave's fingers.

Strings" DR tight fit 10-46



No eq or effects were used during mixdown. The guitar's volume and tone controls were left at maximum during all recordings. The guitar signal went to the Barber E.Q. set for a nice "blackface" style tone, then to the normal input of the amp. The volume on the Beaufort was set to a little above 2 and the tone control was between 9 and 10 (goes to 12). The mic was about 3" off the speaker grill at a slight angle.