Barber Electronics is proud to introduce a powerful update to our now legendary Tone Pump!. The Tone Pump has a new tone control design that allows for an even clearer and more dynamic sound. The "EQ" update adds controls for presence and midrange... With the well thought out new "EQ", you can sculpt a vast "tonescape", from flat mids to extra articulated silky highs and a new deeper clearer bass and all points between. The "pump" control for the red channel is now push/pull to go between asymmetric and symmetrical clipping. All this adds up to an exciting new Tone Pump that veteran and new users alike will love!

The Tone pump EQ (Archive)


The Sound

The Tone Pump EQ has a beautiful transparent presentation which allows it to take on the characteristics of your guitar and amp without changing their tonal balance. The Tone Pump's gain structure allows for plenty of flexibility by using two foot switches and separate volume and sustain (pump) controls for each channel. The new push/pull symmetry adds yet another dimension to the Tone Pump's legacy. Classic sounds for the tone connoisseur!

ONLY $224.95


Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma


Tone Pump EQ manual