Hand made in the USA


The Barber Trifecta v2!

This amazing pedal is for classic fuzz freaks and newcomers alike. The Barber Trifecta employs a three way toggle switch to seamlessly navigate three incredible classic vintage fuzz circuits producing a plethora of great tones, that go from trippy to squishy, through heavy and beyond. The Barber exclusive "Sludge" control allows players to easily dial in the Trifecta to work perfectly with all types of pickups (humbuckers, single coils even active!).  The Sludge control is a pre-fuzz bass control circuit to allow you to adjust exactly how much bass gets pushed through the fuzz circuit. The Trifecta's variable tone control is also a push/pull type switch which lets you go from classic scooped to an audiophile strong-fundamental flat EQ.

The Trifecta’s three classic fuzz circuits are based off of the triangle style pi sound, the Jumbo Bender style and the Suppa Bender style with our unique mods and superior build quality. These three classic circuits all were very close to each-other except for clipping sections (the fuzzy stuff) being omitted or added. We thought, why not make it a Trippy Fuzz party and give the players all three for the price of one!

The v2 version of the Trifecta has much more distinct differences when comparing the three toggle setting, extra thunder and extra squishy are now available!

Finally your vintage Fuzz sounds have TOO MUCH CONTROL! (in a good way)


Powered by standard 9 volt - tip supplies, or battery (not included).

Draws 10ma


Trifecta Manual


Here are some sounds files of the Trifecta I knocked out with Logic Express 8 and Apogee Duet rig. SM57 through the mic pres built into the Duet.

Guitar: PRS SE EG 10-46 stock!

Amp: 18 watt 2x6V6 Barber prototype using basic Weber Trannies (ie. sub $1000 tube amp)

speaker: 1x10" RAGIN CAJUN

recorded in garage, cement floor crickets and all!

Color Bender

Tri PI

Suppa Bendr with mid pulled

Goes through each of the three toggle positions, then goes through adjustments to show range