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Direct Drive Dual Channel and The Launch Pad 2014


The Direct Drive Dual Channel allows you to foot-switch between the vintage British sound of the Direct Drive LG circuit and the Modified British sound of the standard Direct Drive. On this model we include a midrange knob on top of the enclosure with expanded range, and a global harmonics switch. On the interior there are three awesome little trim pots that allow you to set the presence for each channel and another trim for global bass content. We will have 100 in this production run, 80 more on the way in late December! $189.95


The Launch Pad 2014 is everything that made our classic Launch Pad great with the addition of a slick new look and upgraded components. Ultra high headroom clean boost, Buffer, D.I., Phase-corrector, switcher. Read about the classic Launch pad here. It's the Swiss Army knife of audio. We have 50 in this production run. $149.95 Now shipping!