The Direct Drive LG is an “ultimately vintage sounding” version of the Direct Drive, this smooth/sweet version of the Direct Drive was born from a custom order to the custom shop. We took the challenge to devise a gain scheme that would keep the cool British character of the Direct Drive, while dialing the sound in to just that classic early era of days gone by, where British amps had tube rectification and a sweeter presentation that delivered dynamics and tone; over gain, volume and crunch. Ronni took the custom shop treatment a step further with some nice grey knobs and Green LED to offset the new cool character of this tone connoisseur’s version of the classic Direct Drive.

All the snarl, but clearer and even sweeter with a low gain structure for the “dialed in dynamics player”

Ronni builds each Direct Drive LG by hand and fine tunes them before they leave his custom shop in Baltimore.

Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma

only $149.95
, Out of production, check dealers for final stock.


  The Custom Shop
Direct Drive LG (Low Gain)


Hand Made in the USA