Hear the Silver LTD compared to the Classic LTD

This clip goes: clean to Silver LTD to Classic LTD


Silver L.T.D.

The Silver LTD low gain overdrive is now available in a custom silver hammertone paint. The Silver LTD carries the sweet clear overdrive character of the Classic LTD, but with a flatter eq response. The Silver LTD continues the tradition of stellar chord clarity, with copious sweetness and harmonics.

Sweet Spot tone control, very subtle tone shift that is usable throughout the entire rotational range.

  • Precision matched components-using proprietary specifications to ensure symmetrical clipping and reduced intermodulation distortion.
  • True bypass switching with led indicator- this is achieved by using an extremely high grade switch, in addendum Solid 20 gauge copper hookup wire is used between the jacks and switching.
  • Full size pots- for durability and for easy serviceability if needed.
  • Hand made-we make the LTD one at a time and each one is signed and dated by the craftsman.
  • Volume knob response circuitry-more shades shades and textures at your fingertips than ever before,just by adjusting your volume knob.
  • Cast aluminum enclosure-our incredibly durable enclosure will last decades if not centuries!
  • Double sided pc board with plate through holes-This is the way the military does it when they want electronics to work FOREVER! all pedals should be made this way , few are....once again Barber electronics draws the line in the sand!
  • Three knob control +2 internal adjustments -The LTD uses a simple three knob control layout to keep things easy on the performer. There are two more trim adjusts inside of the LTD so the most demanding player can match bass and presence to his/her needs.
  • Ready for 18 volt operation-The LTD operates from 9 volts to 18 volts, this allows use of higher voltage converters and supplies, for players who want to try higher voltage tweaks.
  • Vintage and modern style components- Players have requested the use of carbon comp resistors, metalized polyester and silver mica caps. These components were thought to be only available on the highest priced pedals. Players asked, and we delivered...no problem. In addition the Silver LTD has some modern components to get things dialed in perfectly.
  • Center EQ tone control- This Barber tuned vintage style control is meant to sound balanced at the 12 o clock position, from there going up adds treble and cuts bass, turning it down adds bottom and cuts treble. The Silver LTD makes use of the entire range of the tone adjustment with a Sweet Spot tone control.

The Story

The Silver LTD was reborn from and early LTD prototype that some of our best known beta testers and friends had fallen in love with and refused to ever return (thieves!). We took this early flatter response prototype and tuned it in to the enth degree and now we are making it available to the guitar playing masses.

The Sound

With a perfectly tuned drive and new Sweet Spot subtle tone controls you will hear terms like; clean, purring, bloom, twang, sweet, balanced, smooth, clear, sustain, harmonics etc... flying through your head and hands!

Now ....gone!!

Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma


LTD Manual