The Direct Drive provides guitar players with classic amp tones!

True to life overdrive with greatly reduced compression artifacts, this unit has it all, clarity, great guitar volume knob control, solid punchy articulate bass, gain range from a little juice to fat harmonic overdrive. Give your guitar playing a vintage voice with this stellar performer!

The Direct Drive

The Sound

The Direct Drive brings clarity to the Barber Line while delivering startlingly accurate tube style overdrive, bass notes have separation like never before, chords ring with supreme clarity, and sweet vintage voices sing from your guitar...this is the tone to die for.

ONLY $129.95 check your dealers for final stock, this awesome version is finally comining to an end.Out of production.

Includes dc jack . (ac power adaptor not included)

current draw 12ma



Direct drive manual


Jason Barker's review of the Direct Drive


Great features, including adjustable active bass and presence control!

Hand Made in the USA